CEO, Jonathan Brech, sharing the Korrall vision

Let’s get real: you’ve got stacks of advertising technology but no time to make sense of it all. And even if you did, that wouldn’t make the IT collaboration or researching the right data any easier.

It’s maddening, we get it! What you need is a tool that cuts through all the clutter so you can gain useful insights. And, if this came in the form of a friendly app, all the better. This is Korrall, our marketing data app, made to empower marketers just like you.

Our Team

We’re a small bunch, but with a combined 35 years of marketing data experience, we know our stuff!

  • Jonathan Brech

    Jonathan Brech – CEO

    Previously founded a digital marketing agency, an e-commerce retailer and a data consultancy

  • Tim Jones

    Tim Jones – CTO

    Previously CTO at TagMan; user tracking technology

  • Shona Molyneux

    Shona Molyneux – COO

    Previously in business development at Orange, ACA

Your data is not something we take lightly – it’s an asset, after all

Korrall protects your data and gives you easy, fingertip access that puts you in control of your channels. Our app also:

  • Pulls all of your data into one easy-to-read dashboard
  • Increases the efficiency of your campaign management
  • Shows you consistent data throughout the years
  • Frees you from the instability of outside agencies and tech providers
  • Shows you your most important KPIs against your targets
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We designed our app to be ridiculously easy to use, so easy in fact, that you can eat a sandwich in one hand and control your data in the other (without getting even a speck of mayo on your shirt).

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